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John Edmunds

John Edmunds

John has lived in Ogbourne Maizey for longer than anyone can remember. Except, that is, for his wife Carolyn, who was actually born in the village next door to where they now live – The Thatch – just opposite the manor. John is the longest serving member on the parish council and has, for many years, taken a keen interest in the built environment. Thus, John is our planning representative on the parish council and all planning applications for the parish come to him for comment.

John analyses the proposals and then presents them to the parish council, together with any relevant background information. We, as the parish council, are invited to take a view on planning applications which Wiltshire will take into consideration when deciding to grant or refuse planning permission. But also we are asked to identify any aspects of the plans which cause concern and could be altered to improve the submission.

This is a complex task and a serious responsibility. John is always very conscientious in carrying out his work and many parishioners are grateful to John for the care and balance he brings to the task.