Local Art Gallery – Adults

Local Art Gallery – Adults

       Carolyn Davis

        Animal Portraits




    Jane Fox

 Jane is a member of and exhibits with Marlborough Artists and The Guild of Wiltshire Artists. She has a small group exhibition coming up in the John Bowen Gallery in Malmesbury at the end of July to 18th August.
If you are interested in finding out more about Jane’s work and her background, Jane shares a website with 4 other artists. Please click on  http://www.artzeit.com/gallery.php?gallery=12&page=intro
Here is some of Jane’s more recent work

  River Bed – mixed media collage

     Above and Below 1   – mixed media collage

          Above and Below  2


                         Above and Below 3

                 Red Orb – a monotype with Chine Colle

            St Peters – a monotype with Graphite drawing


Roger Swan



Margaret Matthews