Many of you will have seen the earthworks in the golf course grounds next to the A346 as you climb the hill into Marlborough. These are going to be the new Marlborough Tennis Club courts. There will be six courts in all and a small pavilion. In addition players will be encouraged to use the clubhouse facilities at Marlborough Golf Club. Situated behind trees, there are very few places from which the site can be seen. It is unobtrusive, protected from the southwest wind and has stunning views over the Marlborough Downs. Gareth Clarke of Ogbourne St Andrew has played a major part in managing the project and great credit is owed to him and his colleagues on the tennis club committee who have pursued their vision  for a new tennis facility for Marlborough. There have been enormous challenges along the way – planning permission, forging a relationship with the Golf Club, fund raising, engineering planning, letting of contracts, overseeing the works, overcoming problems etc etc – and Gareth and his colleagues have overcome them all.

Goundwork for the new tennis court complex

They are hoping that all the courts will be laid by Christmas 2017. However funds are still needed and the club hopes to raise a further £120,000. The club are offering court sponsorship at £10,000 per court and also have a ‘mydonate’ page. For further information and how to to volunteer to fundraise go

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