A Parishioner’s View

A Parishioner’s View

Living in Ogbourne St Andrew

We moved here from Marlborough nearly 28 years ago and converted the Naumann’s barns into our home and feel very lucky that we were able to do so.  Living in Marlborough with a young family was wonderful but here it feels almost like a privilege.  Here are a few of the reasons.

We have made many new friends and enjoy the unexpected pleasure of meeting people when out walking.  The countryside is beautiful and the views from all our surrounding hills are magnificent.  Our local history is fascinating (and is still unfolding).  When the villages get together at various events, everyone has a good time (even if the event is some community service).  We used to walk to the pub and enjoy good meals and we have a beautiful 12th Century Church in our midst.  Our location also allows us to easily reach other fascinating places.

So is it perfect?  Of course not; traffic on the A346 has steadily increased since we have been here and we find the road dangerous, the village misses out in not having a hall/centre to hold events/meetings etc, we still do not have a safe area for children to play (see VDS) and our beautiful church sees too few people.

We love living here and hope to do so for many more years.

Roger Swan