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Update on the Barrow

As many of you will be aware the tree clearance is well under way on the barrow and there are 3 galleries of pictures now posted on the website:

·        Last years clearance:    https://www.osahg.org.uk/clearance-photos.html

·        The current felling:    https://www.osahg.org.uk/tree-removal.html

·        A flavour of the resistivity work (come along to the meeting on September 18th for a fuller picture of how the project is progressing:   https://www.osahg.org.uk/geophys-photos.html

NB. The meeting on September 18th has been cancelled because the survey work is not yet completed.

This resistivity survey is ongoing, with more data yet to collect (and process) but trends and information about the barrow interior are beginning to come to light, so do come along    on the 18th.

 Although the barrow looks denuded at present, this coming autumn it is intended that the surface is prepared and seeded with grass (expert guidance is being sought on this), so next year the aspect will be closer to its earlier form.

 Historic England have been very supportive in this project, not only providing advice but also grant funding for the tree clearance and subsequent three year’s maintenance to the PCC.

 We would like to thank the PCC (in particular Sue Parry) and the community for its positive support.

Bruce Fox

Chairman, Ogbourne St Andrew History Group