: Alan Brown

    Alan delights in reminding Council that he was born and brought up in the village and often tells us of the happy times when he was a “nipper”. He is a fount of local knowledge, frequently correctin the chairman’s pronunciation of local place names (ask him about Wetpits and Poughcombe for example) . He can always provide the context and the history to any situation which comes before Council. Those of you who know Alan will also know that he does not beat around the bush. He calls a spade a spade and so ensures nothing escapes scrutiny.

    Alan is the manager at The Town Hall in Marlborough, so hears (either officially or unofficially – we are never quite sure!) of everything that is going on in the big city. This is immensely valuable for us, enabling us to pick up early on issues which could affect our parish . Alan is totally committed to the parish and its well-being. He is very concerned that the village should benefit all of the community and therefore champions issues which need to be brought to Council’s attention.

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