What a joy! The Miracle theatre created another brilliant performance in the most wonderful setting on a beautiful evening! Of course, many of us had feared the worst. We weren’t convinced that even the Miracle Theatre Company could magic a miracle out of Flann O’Brien’s impenetrable book, The Third Policeman. Even Marion, our supremely optimistic host and patron of both charity and the arts, gave us some preemptive advice beforehand. “Don’t try to make sense of it”, she said”Just let it all wash over you”.

As it turned out, the advice was totally superfluous. From the moment the anonymous narrator engaged us at the outset, to the moment Sergeant Pluck concluded the play with a cyclical request “Is it about a bicycle” we were enthralled and in stitches. I think Flann O’Brien was probably aiming at metaphysics rather than humour, but the cast played it unashamedly for humour and they certainly did not disappoint.

It was a brilliant performance which was greatly enjoyed by all. The audience numbered over 200 and a total of £1700 was raised for this year’s chosen charity, The Wiltshire Historic Churches Trust. Many thanks go to Ian and Marion Gordon-Finlayson for organising and hosting the evening in their beautiful garden. Thanks also to The Miracle Theatre Company for another fantastic evening’s entertainment and to the many friends and neighbours who helped out.

One question remains….was it about a bicycle?


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