Parish Council Election Results

A parish council election was held on 22nd June 2017. There were 75 votes cast. The successful candidates were:

Alan Brown, John Edmunds, Steven Heaven, John Hetherington, Nick Parsons, Yvonne Parsons and Sid Vincent. Jenni Clarke remains the clerk to the parish council. To find out more about your councillors and what they do, click on

Thank you to everyone who stood for election and to everyone who voted

Parish Charity

A charity exists within the parish, which is aimed at helping parishioners. It was originally set up to provide fuel for those in need in the village, but has been used for a variety of purposes in recent years. These have included contributions towards travel costs of a student studying in Swindon, providing books for student study and providing bibles for each leaver from Ogbourne Primary School. The total sum available for an award this year is about £100.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please contact Revd Roger Powell at any time on 01793 740369 or e-mail

If you would be interested in joining the Parish Charity committee,  we would be delighted to hear from you. We would especially welcome a new member who could provide a youthful input. Again, please contact Revd Roger Powell (contact details above).