Welcome to the website of the Parish of Ogbourne St Andrew, Ogbourne Maizey and Rockley.

We hope that parishioners will visit this site to check up on news and current events and to keep an eye on the workings of The Parish Council.

We hope that visitors from outside the parish will find it provides an interesting insight into our beautiful parish and decide to visit us in person.

Ogbourne St Andrew News

Parish Council Election Results

A parish council election was held on 22nd June 2017. There were 75 votes cast. The successful candidates were: Alan Brown, John Edmunds, Steven Heaven, John Hetherington, Nick Parsons, Yvonne Parsons and Sid Vincent. Jenni Clarke remains the clerk to the parish council. To find out more about your councillors and what they do, click on http://osa.org.uk/the-parish-council/ […]

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